Menstrual Irregularity in Adolescent Girls

SSS health researcher John McGrath was among the authors of a poster presented at the Endocrine Society 2018 Annual Meeting. Post-Menarchal Adolescent Girls Demonstrate Multi-Level Reproductive Axis Immaturity described a study of menstrual irregularity in adolescent girls. The researchers hypothesized that delayed maturation of certain reproductive axis components explains the irregularity. Their findings indicated that the estradiol positive feedback is impaired in girls with the greatest menstrual irregularities, and, even in girls with normal cycles, there are several elements of the reproductive axis that do not show fully mature patterns, such as follicle-stimulating hormone patterns and ovarian responsiveness. Other authors of the poster included researchers from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, University of Utah School of Medicine, Endocrine Sciences, and ZRT Laboratory.

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