Long-Term Storage of Serum Analytes

SSS health researchers Cynthia Kleeberger and Sandra Deming-Halverson were among the authors of a poster presented at the 2017 American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting. The poster The Effects of Long-Term Storage on Commonly Measured Serum Analyte Levels described a study to examine if long storage times could cause degradation and produce measurement errors that would bias estimation of the analytes’ effects on health outcomes. Samples collected and stored similarly to those in the Sister Study were assayed for 21 analytes at collection and then 6 years later. The researchers concluded that while there were differences in assay results after long-term storage, the percent changes were small and the correlations between time points were high. The authors suggested that biobanks and cohort studies that bank samples consider building in appropriate QC experiments. The poster coauthors were researchers from Westat, Specimen Solutions, and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. A manuscript on this work has been accepted for publication in Epidemiology.

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