Our Culture

At SSS, we enjoy a relaxed and collaborative community culture. People are our most important asset and we provide our staff the tools to perform their jobs effectively and the resources to support health and well-being in all aspects of their lives.

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A Quality Workplace

  • At SSS, we believe that leadership development is an ongoing journey and we engage employees to reach their highest potential through subsidized education and training programs.
  • We offer telecommuting and flexible schedules, employee recognition programs, health and wellness programs, and opportunities to support community projects and causes outside of the workplace.

A Healthy Workplace

  • As an organization dedicated to the wellbeing of its employees, SSS provides staff with resources and encouragement to make healthy choices and achieve their wellness goals through programs such as “Aetna Get Active” and “Fresh Fruit Days.”
  • Perks such as onsite yoga and fitness classes allow staff to meet their health and wellness goals without leaving the office.

A Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

  • We started out as a minority-owned business with 4 employees and now have over 400 employees working in offices in the United States and Uganda.
  • Hiring and retaining talented staff is our highest priority. We’re committed to creating a feeling of belonging, fostering productivity, and promoting a corporate culture in which managers and staff alike care about and respect one another.

A United Workplace

  • SSS is owned entirely by our employees. Our staff have a vested interest in the organization and know that their efforts will directly benefit themselves—the shareholders. Not only does our mission unite us to do good work to help others, our employees share in our collective success.
  • At SSS, “the best ideas win.” We encourage new staff to bring us new ideas and reward all our staff who help move our clients forward.