Our statistical and data management teams provide analysis and programming of big data, including mining of information, data visualization, data cleaning, and imputation. SSS’ statisticians hold advanced degrees and have expertise in all facets of public health data analysis.


The diversity of clinical and epidemiology studies and surveys conducted by our commercial and government clients calls for a corresponding diversity of data management systems and approaches.

SSS data managers and statistical programmers provide a full service network for working with scientific data, including the quality control and management of data collected and stored by researchers, real-time collection of data in clinical settings, collection and storage of data from national-scale epidemiology studies, data cleaning and evaluation of unusual information, storing of information across multiple IT systems platforms, and imputation of missing information.


SSS provides statistical and analytical expertise in clinical and nonclinical studies, including the analysis of clinical trials data from preclinical through Phase III studies, analysis of epidemiological and genetics data, mechanistic modeling and analysis of laboratory data, statistical model building and decision-analysis, and development of interactive IT-based software systems.

SSS statisticians apply their training in biomathematics, demography, and quantitative epidemiology to turn data into knowledge. Our statisticians work closely with our clients, frequently publishing in the areas of survival analysis, time-series models, time-to-event models, spatial models, and decision analytics.