For over 40 years, we have served clients in government, academia, and the private sector— delivering evidence-based solutions to drive outcomes that improve public health worldwide.

From policy formulation to technical assistance, our programs span the full spectrum of public health services with a focus on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of delivery.

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We provide support that enables policymakers, medical professionals, communities, and citizens to improve public health.

  • Clinical Research Services

    Our management and operational support for clinical and bioscience research programs and clinical trials expedite the availability of safe and effective therapeutics.

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  • Epidemiology and Public Health Studies

    We design and conduct domestic and international epidemiologic studies examining associations between a wide range of environmental, occupational, and lifestyle exposures and chronic diseases, reproductive health, and other health outcomes.

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  • Health Data Management and Analysis

    We create software systems to manage clinical data, facilitate real-time data reporting and analysis, manage large-scale epidemiologic study data, and provide statistical programming and data analysis for health research—including national-level Medicare and Medicaid payment systems.

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  • Health Information Technology

    Our health information technology solutions enhance research coordination, systems integration, data analytics, data dissemination, and health communication. We operate at CMMI-DEV Level 3.

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  • Program Evaluation and Policy Analysis

    SSS designs and conducts scientifically sound evaluations, research, and policy analyses that our clients use to develop successful programs and policies for addressing pressing public health issues.

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Latest News

Interferon-regulated Genes in Juvenile Dermatomyositis

A study characterized gene expression in an autoimmune disease in children that causes skin rash and muscle weakness.


Environmental Management of Asthma in Clinical Practice

A study examined doctors’ recommendations on avoidance of dust mites, mold, pests, air pollution, and second-hand smoke.




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Now Hiring: SSS, a DLH company, is currently seeking an Epidemiologist/Research Scientist II to serve on a multi‐di… https://t.co/bAqoGnvdJ1

Early Screen Time and Autism Symptoms

A study used data from The National Children’s Study Archive to examine screen time, reading time, and play time.


Data Confounding Due to Litter Effects in Toxicity Studies in Rats

An analysis of NTP data shows responses to tested compounds may cluster by litter, potentially affecting analysis methods.


Fertility-related Experiences after Breast Cancer Diagnosis

A study assessed the prevalence of fertility counseling provided to women diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 45.


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